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红宝石 RUBY

红宝石 Ruby
红宝石也有医学上的功效。红宝石生干生热,祛寒补心,燥湿补脑,爽神悦志,解癫除郁,滋补神经,解毒明目。 主冶湿寒性或黏液质疾病,如寒性心悸、心慌,湿性脑虚,寒性神经衰弱、精神分裂、癫癎及各种中毒性疾病和眼疾等。
Wearing a gemstone of Ruby can help support the person to improve his “self-image” and he will be more heard and respected in the society. It can also help in overcoming timidity and foolishness, by giving clarity of thoughts and mind.
When a person wears a ruby, he/she is expected to get the favors from the administration, authority and government.
If a person is suffering from chronic depression, he/she may also be suggested to wear this stone as it will help them overcome any type of emotional and mental setbacks in life.
In earlier times, only people with high authority and power such as kings, used to wear this gemstone. But now, as per astrology if a person wants to attain high stature and financial gains, he/she is advised to wear it. Wearing it, the person can enjoy all the luxury and materialistic things in life.
A real and well bought ruby gemstone can be bring in realisation of higher truth and self, self-awareness and a quest to reach the higher path of the life.
A person struggling with not being able to set up goals and aims in life and if every planning is failed, the person can be benefitted by wearing a ruby stone, as it will bring the much-required intellect, focus, clarity and firm determination to stay on the chosen path.

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