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阿拉善玛瑙 Alashan

-    老人如果长期佩戴阿拉善玛瑙,与肌肤接触能增强身体的免疫力,促进血液的循环,增强新陈代谢。
-    年轻人佩戴阿拉善玛瑙可以提高思想的自由多变和创造性。对于一些长期加班,工作压力比较大的人来说,阿拉善玛瑙还有这治疗失眠,避免产生噩梦,对甲状腺、胸腺等神经中枢都有着非常好的作用。
-    业务员佩带阿拉善玛瑙,可以强化亲和力,灵活应变各种突发现象,八面玲珑,有助于推广业务,提高业绩。
-    读书的小朋友多接触或佩带阿拉善玛瑙,可以感染水的特性,变得聪明、灵活、乖巧、学习力强、适应力佳。


Alashan Agate
The formation of Alashan agate has gone through hundreds of millions of years, and it has fully absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon, the spiritual energy of the heavens and the earth, and it has a strong ability to nourish people. It is a treasure that many people cannot ask for. According to records, agate can relax muscles and activate blood, and can promote the human body. The role of blood circulation. Wearing it for a long time is good for health and has anti-radiation effect.
- If the elderly wear Alshan agate for a long time, contact with the skin can enhance the body's immunity, promote blood circulation, and enhance metabolism.
- Young people wearing Alashan agate can improve the freedom of thought and creativity. For some people who work overtime for a long time and work under pressure, Alashan agate also treats insomnia, avoids nightmares, and has a very good effect on the thyroid, thymus and other nerve centers.
- The salesperson wears Alashan agate, which can strengthen the affinity, flexibly respond to various emergencies, and is exquisite, which is helpful to promote the business and improve the performance.
- Children who contact or wear Alashan agate can be infected with the characteristics of water and become smart, flexible, well-behaved, strong in learning and adaptable.
Agate has been regarded as a symbol of beauty, happiness, auspiciousness, and wealth since ancient times because of its three characteristics: magnificence, hardness and rarity.

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