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bracelet and everything

If you re look for fashion jewelry stones or crystal, you've come to the right place. We have more than 500 selection ,enjoy 5% off for purchase above rm200 for west malaysia only, 5% discount apply for purchase two item onward.


Malaysia Company registration (ssm) Moritabear Enterprise (002802484-X)

We are malaysia crystal trading company run by a single lady owner with sincere and trustworthy  , welcome to ask 

Founder of Moritabear Enterprise “i love hunting good quality jewellery “ im a assesories collectors since i was young.i love to collect things special, limited edtions. Travel around the world make me expert in my hunting, i feel very comfortable when jewellery and crystals hanging around me,and soon i started a business page at the year of 2017 ,  Thanks to all my supporter during this few year back, its my pleasure to serve you in future.

sincerely from


Founder of Moritabear Enterprise

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    好开心可以成为幸运儿,获取店主送出的手串。 非常的喜欢 😘 ,因为这款碳酸盐玉主要功效是针对健康,对我来说非常重要 店主的服务态一级棒,虽然我没有向店主购买商品,但是对于我的任何疑问,都会一一解答,而且出货适度也非常快,最要紧水晶货真价实 非常值得推荐

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    在这里购物几年了很喜欢老板娘的亲切感 快速的回复和耐心的讲解

  • Moritabear Enterprise - 棒棒哒


    真心介绍👍樱花🌸娘娘❤ 都是美美滴货品质量😍 物有所值👍 用心对待顾客👏 真心介绍货品👍 老板娘还是一位🌸美美开心果😄 一句话……找她(🌸娘娘)。妳会觉得"为什么不早点认识🌸娘娘

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    三天内就收到包裹了,有很快!阿娘有用心地把水晶们包裹得很好,整个包裹收到时很扎实很安全!也感谢阿娘送出的礼物 ❤️ 祝樱花娘娘Ong啊Huat啊Heng啊!

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    手镯美美哒💖💖,性价比高。 娘精挑细选美货给我们。 绝对是美货👍👍

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    娘娘果然不是叫爽的,第一次和娘娘买水晶,获益不少长知识了.... 但愿以后还有合眼缘的水晶可以入手

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